How To Book Online Cheat Sheet

Welcome to our Agent ‘Cheat Sheet’ to assist you in making bookings direct into the Raging Thunder reservations system.

How To Book a Raft Trip – Example

Logging In

Go to

Click the login button and enter your username and password.

You will then be taken to the home page.

How To Book a Raft Trip – Example

Agent Home Page

From the Home Page you will see a list of the tours your book most frequently.

  • To Book click on the tour name
  • To Check Availability and Prices click the calendar

If you can’t see the tour or package you are looking for, these can be found under Tools – > Browse Products

Availability & Price Grid

In the Availability and Prices grid view you can select a day and a departure location.

The price for an Adult is shown, and if you hold your cursor over a day you will also see other prices and the number of seats available.

  • To Book click on the tour price
  • To change the date to a different period click on the blue Date button

Booking Form – Departure

This is where you enter the tour details, date, number of passenger and pickup details.

  • To Book click “Hold these seats for 15 mins and Checkout”
  • Child Rate – details and minimum age are shown under the departure date
  • Prices include levies

Booking Form – Payment

This is where you enter your voucher number, and the customer details.

  • To Proceed click “Confirm Payment and Booking”

Please Note that an Australian mobile number or email address is required for all passengers

This is because they must complete a medical form prior to travel, as their are certain conditions which will exclude them from participating.

Booking Form Confirmation

Congratulations your booking is now complete !

  • Click “Home” to return the agent home page
  • Write our Booking Number on the voucher
  • Collect from the customer the amount shown
  • Tell the customer the remaining amount
  • The booking terms and conditions will be emailed to your customer

Help and Support

For Support or more information please contact Rhiana (Sales Co-ordinator)

Phone: 07 4030 7959

Raging Thunder Reservations

Phone: 07 4030 7990

Create An Automatic Log In Shortcut

To save your staff having to remember a username and password, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to automatically log in

Step 1 – Recieve Link By Email

Raging Thunder will send you a link in an email which looks like

You need to Highlight and Copy this link (Ctrl + C)

Step 2 – Create New Shortcut

Firstly close or minimise all your programs so you can see the computer desktop

Right Click on an empty area of your desktop, and choose New Shortcut

Step 3 – Paste In Link

Click in the location box

Paste the link you copied in Step 1 (Ctrl + V)

Click the Next button

Step 4 – Name The Shorcut

Click in the name box

Type Raging Thunder Bookings

Click the Finish button


You should now see a shorcut called Raging Thunder Bookings on your desktop.

When you click this will open in your default internet browser.