The Tully River

The Tully River hosted the International Rafting Federation’s 2019 World Rafting Championships. This world class river provides a pinnacle rafting experience, with over 45 rapids ripping down through the stunning rainforest gorge surrounds. Classified as a Grade 4/5 river, the Tully provides one hell of a wild ride which ticks all the boxes for those seeking the ultimate Australian rafting adventure.

This rainforest river slices through the gorge, swirling waters surge over and around giant granite boulders. For the in-between moments, there’s time to appreciate the towering trees, climbing palms and thick rainforest which has dominated this landscape for a thousand years. We even get the chance to rock climb and boulder jump beside and into the river.

The Tully River’s tropical location means the water is warm all year round and there’s even the chance to raft under a rainforest waterfall. She’s wild, she’s beautiful, she’s a must-raft destination – the Tully River.

The Barron River

The Barron River carves its way down from the Tablelands to the coastal plains of Cairns, out to the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. Its grade 2-3 rapids provide some thrills and spills, bouncing through the boulders, with plenty of time to drift and relax in between. The Barron River is an ‘easier’ river to raft than the Tully, due to the composition of the rapids and river flow, but it’s buckets of fun and perfect for families or first time rafters.

The Barron Gorge, the location of our Barron River rafting adventure, is a hidden gem only 20 minutes from the Cairns CBD. The ravine towers either side of you, sometimes cloaked in emerald green rainforest, other times showing the strength of its bare rockface. It’s a place of raw and natural beauty.

The Barron River’s water stays warm throughout the year and there’s the opportunity to leave the raft and do some river floating. She’s beautiful, she’s fun and she’s waiting for your visit – the Barron River.

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