We Are Ecotourism Warriors

At Raging Thunder, we take our commitment to environmental sustainability and ecotourism seriously. We are proud to be ECO Certified at the Ecotourism level. We support Carbon Neutral initiatives and activities for our guests. We are ecotourism warriors with a pledge to maintain and respect the pristine natural environment in which we operate.

Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is to leave no footprint from our activities and provide accurate interpretation of the National Parks during our rafting tours. At a minimum, our aims and objectives are to:

  • Ensure compliance with our National Park Permit conditions.
  • Identify and limit any possible environmental risk associated with our operation.
  • Contribute to the appropriate conservation objectives of governing bodies.
  • Ensure there is no long term environmental or cultural impact from our operations.
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve resilience and adaptation to climate change.

We aim to have all our guests educated about the importance of rainforest ecosystems and their vulnerability from the impacts of changing climates, rising sea levels, pollution, deforestation, poaching and other human influences. We aim to better educate our guests about what they can do to have a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental Management

Protecting Queensland’s natural and cultural heritage is the responsibility of everyone involved in adventure activities, leaders, organisations and participants. At Raging Thunder, we endorse the 7 Principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ as our commitment to the protection of the environment we visit for all of our tours. This includes:

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare
  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  3. Dispose of Waste Properly
  4. Leave What You Find
  5. Minimise the Impact of Fire
  6. Respect Wildlife
  7. Be Considerate of Your Hosts and Other Visitors

Further information in regards to this, is available at Leave No Trace Australia www.lnt.org.au

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